Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh, That Crazy Tina Turner....

Found out today she was here 10 days ago having a grand old time at Harry s Bar. She is such a "me wanna be". Really seems like she is always where I m going or been. The subject came up when I heard what I thought was her in a shop. The shop owner told me it is a girl named Annastsia. Got to upload her from You-Tube. I feel better about turning 60 when the young girls are aspiring to be like us!
The cathedral in San Marco Square is something the likes I ve never seen! And that includes St. Peter s in the Vatican.
What will heaven look like? Now my mind is boggled.
Here is a narritive on the photos:
1. Top of the church in San Marco Square
2. Sure you live in Venice -- but you have to do chores anyway.
3. Rush hour in Venice
4. and 5. The outside of the San Marco Church.

Katie, Paula, and Adel -- I went back to the coffe shop where Omar Shariff s illegitimate son worked and alas - he doesn t work there anymore. He s probobly in America hunting down the tip we forgot to give him.

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