Saturday, November 21, 2009

Roman Holiday....

The day walking the gardens was perfect!
The weather is in the 70s and the sun is shinning.
The Borghese grounds are huge and there is a duck pond at the entrance. I felt right at home. What a memory. Last night we hd dinner in a resturant that our hostess reccomended and it was delicious. Pate, ratatouli, and nutellla pie.
After dinner we went to the Trevi Fountain and tossed our coins. Hey, it worked last time because we are here.
The city at night is magical. Getting there really is half the fun. We find the Romans helpful and more patient since there are far fewer tourists in the city this time of the year.
This morning we are up and out to the outdoor food market. Photos to follow -- this cafe doesn t hve the connecter for my camera.
What a dream of a trip. I might be 60 but I m so full of optimisim about the adventures ahead!
(Don t you wish I had spell check?)
"I m here -- Wish you were beautiful!"

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  1. Of all the beautiful sights you have described, it's a sad commentary that I got stuck at Nutella Pie and really could take in nothing else. Nutella Pie? Now I 'm off to do a recipe search. Sure is fun traveling with you!