Thursday, January 7, 2010

And This Little (big) Goose Went HONK,HONK,HONK All the Way Home

(Not us but you get the picture?)

When Glorie Hallelujah (our hound dog) and I launched out for our morning stroll Pat (the rescue goose) was excited to see us but we took off quickly on our mission.
Glorie loves sniffing her way through the yards. Dave Barry says dogs read the ground like humans read the newspaper.
"Oh, look who's peed here! I really like him!"
"Wow, look at that pile! Now that's impressive!"
It is always a tail wagging adventure for woman and beast.
But today as we rounded the last corner to head home I could hear a loud honking from down by the school. Initially I was relieved that someone else had a goose that was noisy and we wouldn't be the only ones contributing to the neighborhood noise decibels.
But alas it was Pat.
Evidently he had tried to follow us, gotten turned around and was frantic that he couldn't find his way home.
He was crossing the street looking for something or someone familiar and going up to the utility workers and asking them "Have you seen my mother and dog?"
I yelled; "Hey, Pat over here!"
He flew/ran the half block to catch up with us and happily followed us all the way home.
To my way of thinking the only thing more unusual than a goose taking a walk with me and our dog is a dog resigned to swallowing all of her natural instincts and coming along for the ride.
"And the dog shall lie down with the goose" Who needs lions and lambs?

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  1. I love this post so much that I've read and re-read it just to feel good each time!