Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth?

Wellllllllllllll, that's debatable but it sure was fun to be there yesterday.
We arrived at 5:00 pm and most folks were leaving. It made it easy to get into the rides.
But even at the slowest time of the year the Magic Kingdom is buzzing.
Everything is geared to sell, sell, sell. Eye candy galore.
I love walking in and seeing the vendors with the huge balloon bouquets bouncing above their heads.
There is a new Hall of Presidents exhibit and I hate to say it but some of those presidents barely sounded familiar.
New goal -- learn a dab of information about each of them.
Next we took the boat ride around Tom Sawyer island. A great way to see Disney at night with all of the street lamps and strung lights.
Off to "Country Bear Jamboree." Corny but it makes me smile.
During the parade we headed to the Haunted House and zipped right in. BOO!
We love to make a meal out of sharing a giant turkey leg. We look like Fred and Wilma sitting on a bench. However no one asked for our autographs so maybe we just looked like two chubby grandparents?
As we walked out of the Kodak movie theatre the fireworks were bursting overhead. It looked like they were right over us. What a thrill. The perfect ending to two pyromaniacs day.
Good night Disney -- tommorrow off to the really happiest place on earth....Ikea.

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