Friday, January 1, 2010

Honk If You Love Papa Joe

Well it was bound to happen, Dr. Steve the Veterinarian who saved Mother Goose's life called to see if our pond (and Papa Joe the duck farmer) could accommodate one more fowl friend.
When I asked if this goose was a male or female he said he couldn't confirm so we named it Pat (after the Saturday Night Live character) and brought him/her home.
The transition has been a little rocky and we're hoping that the honking (alllllllllll through the night) will settle down as he/she does.
Seems Pat took an instant liking to Papa Joe and followed him everywhere as he set up the chairs and bon fire for last night's New Years Eve gathering.
Problem is that goose does not like me! It charged me (and anybody else who was competition for Joe's attention) and bit me.
We must sit down and discuss the old adage, "Don't bite the hand......"
Don't you just know the neighbors are thrilled with a honkin' attack goose?
We plan to ride the tide and hope as life on the pond has it's way with Pat that he/she will acclimate.
Otherwise look for us on the Evening News when they do a feature on crazy pet people.
"We've never seen anything like it. A virtual water fowl infestation with 'Beware of the goose' signs in a suburban yard!'


  1. You're so funny, Suzanne! happy New Year!!!

  2. the goose seemed a bit more settled today. Ilene