Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ex Pat

Luke 12:6 (New International Version)
6 Are not five birds sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.

It is quiet around here. Very quiet.
Yesterday our most recent goose boarder Pat was hit by a speeding car and Dr. Steve couldn't put him back together again.
Just the night before I took the photo above and when Papa Joe was eating his dinner Pat stood on the porch step and pecked on the window for him to come out for their nightly conversations.
It was sweet to see how neighbors at the pond huddled around and then let us know he was injured.
Pat wasn't easy to like at first glance. He was edgy and in his haste to check you out he would make a lot of racket and dash in your direction. His little eyes were positioned on the side of his head so I imagine he could only see sideways.
He would lower his head to the ground and watch the grass fly by as he hurried to check someone out.
It looked like he was charging you but it was really his unveiled attempt to meet a new acquaintance.
Pat was misunderstood. He wasn't polished and savvy like our drop in guests the Canadian geese, Curly, Moe and Joe (No relation). See photo above.
Pat was excitable and his honks inspired the title of the neighborhood rooster.
Papa Joe and I said the simple word "Sad" a lot this morning.
I want to imagine that Pat and Father Goose (who was also killed by a speeding car) are having a brandy in goose heaven and Pat is giving a glowing report on Mother goose's recovery.
Isn't life a conveyor belt? You get on and you get off. But it is how much joy you give and receive that tallies the total at the end of the ride.
Pat gave us much joy and laughter. He will be missed.