Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Heart Is In Haiti

When Joe and I lost our way the Lord sent us a couple to stand by our side. We were not fun to be with and yet they came in the name of Jesus to walk us back to the path that leads to a good life. Their names are Wink and Reina Cherry.
Wink and Reina's son and wife are living in Haiti serving God by helping the poorest of the poor.
Please read their blog post for yesterday:
These are our children. They may look like a grown man and woman but they are really just our little kids in big kids clothes.
Please pray for them.
Pray for:
The wisdom to know what to do and in what order
The peace that passes understanding that Jesus promised to believers

Reina told me this morning that there is a spirit of bitterness in Haiti because the people were so tortured as slaves. When the slave revolt was successful the people dedicated the island to Satan. When I look at the poverty and oppression there I see how he treats his people.

The news last night said that the city of Port Au Prince was totally silent except for the singing of hymns from the Christians.

Now watch the church be the church. CNN probably won't cover it but help is on the way. Charity will be practiced.
I will post the needs and what we can do as soon as we get word.
In the meantime................

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