Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears -- Oh, My!

Our first day at Disney we chose to visit Animal Kingdom. It is the most grown up kingdom as it is very natural and there is not a lot of glitz.
They have created areas to duplicate natural habitats.
First we walked into dense Forrest paths that were embellished with the most incredible plantings and wild birds. It feels like a rain forest.
We caught the 3D movie of "It's Hard to be a Bug".
So funny! It had us screaming and jumping out of our seats with the special effects.
Then we wandered over to the Asia section. They have recreated jungles with abandoned temples in ruins where all kinds of animals have taken over. It truly feels crusty and authentic.
There we saw a program called "Flights of Wonder" that features a zany show using the most beautiful tropical birds flying overhead and doing feats of wonder.
After the show we ambled through the lost temples section. We saw tigers and bats and prayer flags hanging everywhere. All of the sights of India without the jet lag!
The musical "Finding Nemo" is similar to the play "Lion King" in it's use of kites and puppets. Stunning. There was one actor who had the job of being the puppeteer at the rear end of the big shark. I had to lean over and ask Joe -- what does he say when he meets people at cocktail parties and they ask, "What do you do?"
Papa Joe wanted to catch the Safari so off we went. We traveled by safari bus over broken down rustic roads to an African savanna. Yep, there they were around every turn in the road. Elephants, flamingos, crocs, lions, and an eye full of everything people pay zillions of dollars to go to Africa to spy.
This is a great time of year to come. The slowest of the year and the weather is not that 'kids crying and mothers yelling -- hot'.
We finished up the day with the production of "Lion King."
Our eyeballs and minds were full of sights, sounds, and smells.
We're conflicted about which Kingdom to visit today -- but I think it's going to be Hollywood Studios.
Who knows we may discovered at the new American Idol feature?

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  1. LOVE reading this, as we are total Disney Junkies! Glad you are having fun! We're headed to visit the mouse on Thursday!

    Lucy will love talking to you about your trip when you get home!