Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is It Mr or Madame Goose?

We still don't know but Pat our new resident goose has decided to unpack his (for lack of a better gender) emotional baggage and send out change of address cards to make it official.
He has a thing for Joe and actually most of the guys in the neighborhood. When Jim our neighbor came home from the grocery Pat crossed the street to tell Jim all about his day.
There he stood at the back door honking out all of his details as Jim went back and forth. When the back door closed at last Pat must have thought there was a a misunderstanding because he proceeded to the front door and pecked until Jim came out and escorted him back to the pond.
Feeding time is usually about 5:30. When Joe is running late Pat perches himself on our next door neighbor's steps and complains loudly that dinner is late! What does he think this is the Ritz?
Gradually Lucky, September, Nelson Mandela and the rest of the ducks are accepting Pat's big body language and loud ways.
They allow him to be in their general area but still don't sit with him in the cafeteria (the feed bowls that so elegantly grace our front yard).
This morning we spied Pat swimming in the pond with the gang. Joe no longer has to take the swimming pool net to get him out of the water. Pat has mastered the ramp Joe built.
Every home has certain sounds that make it home. Wind chimes, traffic, a train and oh, you know a big goose honking.
We love our little piece of paradise and now it seems Pat the rescue goose does too.


  1. Oh the adventures of Pat and Papa Joe. I love it!

  2. Pat is LOUD..I can hear him honking early in the morning when the fountains are still off. Wow! That Goose has some lungs!

  3. Pat starts honking as soon as he sees Glorie and me heading off for the early morning walk. I'm surprised he hasn't tagged along with us like Shadow the duck did 3 years ago when I would be walking with BJ and Sam.... two dogs, one dad followed by one duck. Shadow would fall behind and then fly to catch up. Quite a scene.

    Just noticed that there might be a little romance brewing out on the pond. Pat is sleeping next to Mother Goose tonight. Suzanne didn't seem to be too pleased about the concept of having a bunch of baby geese. They would be cute until they grew up and started honking.