Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love Me -- Love My Dog

There was a day when if you wanted to steal my heart you adored my children. Just confirm to me that they were as Garrison Keiler says "Above Average" and you had my devotion.
But the kids grew up and moved to the outer reaches of the universe and Papa Joe and I found ourselves careening into the city pet adoption center one Sunday after church.
"Just here to look" we announced as we tripped the door chime.
"Wish us luck!" we said as we pulled out of our parking lot with our new dog Glorie Hallelujah in the backseat.
She has filled a hole in our hearts and captured the hearts of our neighbors.
Donna a flight attendant can't own a dog because she is in the air too much. But when she is home she stops by -- pockets bulging with dog treats -- and takes our girl on the walk of her dreams! Several miles of walking, jogging and discussing world affairs.
Donna took the photo above as they were heading out yesterday on one of their world tours.
Yep, Glorie is smiling.
Our across the street neighbors Justin and Colin are the most Norman Rockwell kids you ever met and they borrow Glorie when they want a dog fix.
I kept telling Papa Joe that we needed to buy a boy for Glorie but God sent us two instead and we don't even need to start another college fund.
So, to say I'm feelin' the love in my neighborhood is an understatement.
Love me-- love my dog.

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  1. Great post Suzanne. I know the boys from school . I'm across the pond and then my parents have the place near yours at SPV.

    I've enjoyed reading some of your blog for the first time. I think we see quite eye to eye on things. Love you tag line too!