Thursday, March 11, 2010

Books That Have Changed My Life

Today I asked my dear friend Becki to recommend five books that have helped her to become the wise woman she is.

Becki and her husband Rick served with Billy Graham for 23 years, living in fourteen cities in four countries (once they moved from Paris to Fargo North Dakota!) while raising four children. Becki is a gifted speaker and serves as Teaching Director of the Mainline Philadelphia Community Bible Study.

It got me to thinking.....

What books would I narrow it down to?

The first to come to mind is "The Hiding Place."

This simply told story is about a woman whose family hid Jews from the Germans and the huge price they paid.

It taught me lessons that most of us don't figure out until the last moments of our life.

I'm so grateful this lovely story was put under my nose in my forulative years.

It changed me.

I gave it to Annie for Christmas a few years ago and she was inspired to name our darling granddaughter Corrie.

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