Monday, March 8, 2010

Don't Drink the Kool Aid

Politics in the US has become the number one cause of protruding
neck veins.
It has put the whole country in a perpetual state of simmering PMS.
(Political Mental Stress)
Everyone wants to be right. (Or left as the case may be)
When I read the Bible I read about all of these sympathetic
characters who were right.
Moses was right -- he did have a speech impediment and people
would have a hard time receiving important messages from his
funny speech impediment.
David was right -- Bathsheba’s husband was going to be fairly
upset that his wife was prime Jerry Springer material (Getting
pregnant while he was off to war and all)
The Pharasees were right -- Jesus' new rules weren't Kosher and
He didn't fit the criteria of tradition. You know that duck-fit He
threw in the temple, spitting in mud and rubbing it on that blind
man's eyes on the Sabbath Blue Law day.
And so on.....
It has occurred to me that God is so unimpressed by our being
right. I did a verse search on "And by this shall all men know that
you are mine -- that you are right." Didn’t pop up. Might be a
faulty search engine?
If I were a calculating sort (please don't ask Papa Joe to deny or
confirm this!) and I wanted to get Christian's off of the subject of
the gospel of grace -- I would find a delicious, colorful, cheap, non-
nutritious, and hyper activity inducing substitute. And I wouldn't
call it Kool Aid. I'd call it

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