Monday, March 8, 2010

The Rest of The Flower Show Story....

Who cares about putting a man on the moon when mankind can create this much beauty? This is a parachute that was hung, up-lit and then strung with ropes of white lilies.

This is one of my favorite displays each year. Painting all accomplished with flower petals. That is the only medium. Unreal!

This display was ice cubes hung and dripping filled with a perfect white lily. Surreal.

Cute little scenes were around each aisle.

How in the world do they force a cherry blossom tree to perfection and transport it to the show by the dozens?

And since it is all about flowers this week in Philadelphia you can buy roses for a song. I'd plan a wedding that week and go crazy with roses.

This year Joe had business there and we wanted to visit the kid's new place but next year I'm organizing a girlfriend trip. Wanna come?

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