Saturday, March 13, 2010

Would You Eat a Bowl of Live Crickets for $50,000.00?

The next book in the series of "five books that have changed my life"
* Would you accept $10,000.00 to shave your head and continue your normal activities sans hat or wig without explaining the reason for your haircut?

* Is there something you have dreamed of for a long time? Why haven't you done it?
Today’s book is:

I found it in a bookstore and used it to keep family at the table longer. It was a hit!
At Thanksgiving we pass the book around and everyone gets to ask one question and the rest of us answer. When the kids were going through that "How was your day at school?"   "Fine." stage I kept a copy of "The Kids Book of Questions" in the car and it was amazing the good info a giggles that came forth.
To this day when we are at a restaurant waiting for our order our now grown children will say; "Uh oh Mom is going to start in on her questions."
And I just can't resist saying:
1. Yes -- I would do it / throw up and take a fabulous trip
2. No -- I'm too vain and of questionable appearance now to push my luck
3. Nothing.  I have always said the biggest challenge is to decide what do you dream to do.  Then working backwards figure out a way to do  it.

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