Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Picking a Friend

My girlfriend Becki has lived in 14 cities in four countries while she was  raising their family. She has developed some good ways to pick a friend of quality -- quickly.

She says she always looks for the woman with the cutest haircut in church. Becki knows this lady will be the source of all kinds of resources. Hairstyling, dry cleaners, bargains and specialty food sources being some that come to mind.
When Joe and I moved to Jacksonville I became a 'joiner' again after years of over commitment in our old city. I looked and listened for a quality friend.
One day while serving on a committee of two I heard the most inspirational testimony of a young woman who had survived cancer and although she was left with devastating side effects -- she praises God and trusts Him.
That was the "haircut" I was looking for in my new city. I knew she would raise my standards and eyes toward faith and faithfulness.
Everything she volunteered for I did too. She rubbed off on me while we did meaningful and menial service. My friend's name is Muffet and I knew I'd moved south of the Mason Dixon Line when no one giggled when they mentioned her name. Listen, in the south that's just a normal name. Like Sister (no relation) and Punkie and Bliss.
That was eight years ago and today I was a guest at her surprise 50th birthday party.
There should have been a red carpet entrance for the attendees because women with exceptional stature beget quality women and there I was sitting on the couch trying to look like I belong.
So if you find yourself new in a foreign city may I suggest looking for a cute hairstyle or a story that inspires you to aspire to be the type of woman you always admired.
As my mother always said – pick your friends wisely.


  1. well said......loved being with you today. Gail

  2. What a great story and very wise words!