Thursday, March 4, 2010

We Hopped Up To Philly and It Wsn't So Chilly

It has been such a cold winter in Florida -- we can hardly tell the difference!
Here is the first stop on the "man I miss the shopping tour."

Then we headed out to Danielle and Chris' home.  Look how cute it is...
And look who rules the roost...

We had a fun dinner at a typical old stone farmhouse resturant and then came home for a good night's sleep.
Today we went to pick up Julia at the airport.  On our way we stopped here for lunch.
It is  a grocery store that dreams are made of.  Food courts, gourmet foods, imported specialties and even outdoor furniture.  If they don't have it at Wegmans -- you don't need it.
I once went to Rochester New York to lead a women's retreat for a Baptist church.  The free afternoon before the retreat the leaders told me they were going to take me to the highlight of Rochester.  I couldn't imagine?  It was Wegmans!  I was dubious as to their choice but when I got there I was almost as impressed as the next day's adventure (Niagra Falls).  Yes, it is that great.
Tomorrow is breakfast with girlfriends from my old Bible study and then off to the flower show.  Photos to follow.
Got to go --- Danielle is baking a fancy lemon chicken for dinner and the vultures are starting to circle.

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