Sunday, March 14, 2010

Only Nine Months and Eleven Days Left Until Christmas!

Here is my final entry in the “Five books that have changed my life” series. So glad you asked! You didn’t? Well it’s been fun for me.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
You know all of those scary tracks with pictures of hell or the devil on the front? They were never good representations of my version of what is at the core of God's heart for each of us.
This book is hilarious and sneaks up on the reader with an ending that took my breath away.
My boys loved that it had the word "Hell" in the first chapter and that I read it out loud! The line was "Those kids were going straight to Hell by way of the state Penitentiary...."
I read it to the kid's classrooms each year as they grew up.
I always cried on the last page. The boys would start to squirm around and nudge their buddies and whisper -- here she goes....I told you she's gonna cry. Let's just say I did not make liars out of them.
It always reminds me that if God is hunting you down (and He is) it doesn't matter how Christians mess up the message and what hypocrites we are  -- He's going to find a way to tell you about Him and give you the choice to allow Him to love you.

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