Friday, September 4, 2009

Ass-U-Me (assume)

Tony Campola tells a story that has recently left a mark on my decision processes.
He tells of his wife leaving her Christmas cards and stamp money with a stranger outside of the post office when they were hurrying to catch a plane to get out of the states.
"Well you can kiss that money and those cards goodbye!" Tony assured her when she got back in the car.
She told him she didn't believe so and that the man seemed kind and responsible.
Know what? Tony was right. The cards never were delivered.
When he told Peggy, "See I was right" she told him that she would rather assume the best of people and their intentions and occasionally be wrong than to put her energy into analyzing peoples character, judging them to be untrustworthy and sometimes being right.
I want to be the kind of Christian Peggy is. I want to recapture all of the energy I've lost in my life trying to dissect people's hearts and not clutter my pretty little head with judgements.
I'm sure I've lost some blessings along the way.
The words of Jesus ring in my new determined self:
"What is that to Thee? Follow Me."

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