Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Just Paint

I had fallen into the decorating blahs. Oh, sure I had lots of plans for the lottery winnings that were never going to come my way because I'm too practical to throw a dollar away on a hopeless bet. But I just couldn't get the ju-ju going for putting some fresh pizazz into our home. The constraints were I had to freshen up the place for very little money. After all it wasn't like much was in disrepair. It just didn't make my heart skip a beat when I rounded the corner for home like it had in the beginning.
As a finishing touch after we remodeled and restored the house a few years ago I painted the front door 'come on and stop by' bright red.
But I began to notice more and more red front doors in town and suddenly my individualist DNA began to twitch.
Re-paint the front door -- that was it. I got paint swatches, cut out color schemes, questioned Joe (not a lot of restless design passion there), surveyed my girlfriends and finally with trembling hands took paint brush in hand and said "Hellooooooooo Tiffany Box Blue and Bass Weegin Cordovan".
Twelve dollars and a fresh new face to our home. Be still my heart!


  1. I LOVE it!!! Are those ceramic tiles I see? I have a weakness for them! It looks great.

  2. Love it, Suzanne, and love you! I have been a quandary with making a paint color choice for our bonus room for a couple of weeks now. Duh! Why didn't I call you up for advice? Any design advice? Think quest bedroom/retreat with white furniture (a murphy bed that's on order and some wicker that'll get some white paint). I need a slip cover for the couch, a fun blue on the walls and fun accessories that make our guests know they are in FLORIDA : ) After shopping/looking at Kohl's, HomeGoods, Kirklands, Pier One, Target, Ross, and World Market, etc. for some color inspiring pillows or something, I think I am going to go look at fabrics to cover the couch pillows I already have. I keep envisioning a particular medium blue color possible pale yellow accents.

  3. I Love it. We must have been feeling the same thing at the same exact time! Because I swear we painted our doors on almost the same day! We went bright lime green. We started painting our bedroom and then one thing led to another and 5 of our rooms and our front door have changed color!:) Just needed something new. Miss seeing you!!