Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We Can't Keep Meeting This Way Part 2

 Here's a Cracker Jack idea.....

Serve a box of Cracker Jacks to each participant in your next meeting. They set a fun tone and say "We may discussing serious issues but we can be light hearted and have fun at the same time."
They are low fat, high fiber, cheap and I have seen grown up men and women wax poetic with childhood memories of the coolest prize they ever found.
As a matter of fact -- if you want to up the excitement slip a gift certificate in one box and watch the reactions.

I have a friend who is an interior designer. Her home is right out of the pages of Southern Living. Today at lunch as we were discussing the winsome way some people have of putting others at ease she revealed that when she invites her Bible study friends over for a beginning of the year coffee/ meeting she doesn't make her beds. This involves a little planning as her boys are so trained to make their beds in the morning that she must remind them to not bother on that day.
I want to be a woman like that. This struck me as a most generous gesture.

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  1. That is GREAT!!!! I will now do that everyday!!! Just ot make people feel at ease!!! HAHAHA