Monday, September 21, 2009

Warning -- This Post May Cause Panic, Unbelief, Dread and General Mayhem

Christmas is coming...
OK, not next week but we are in a conga line heading that direction. Christmas is a cool time to share the good news of the gospel in a non commercial poignant way.

(Which of you having a hundred sheep and losing one, does not leave the ninty nine....

(and go after the one who is lost until he finds it?  
He came for us.
Merry Christmas)
I love the Christmas cards that this organization produces. Avant guard, gripping and not the same ole jingle bell stuff.The money raised from sales supports programs for kids away at college.

Here is the wesite to order.
Think of how smug you would be if you got your cards ready now? If "pride comes before the fall" somebody catch me!

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