Sunday, September 27, 2009

You've Got Mail

Yep, he's a real mailbox. I wonder what Reggie the mailman would think if this popped up at the end of our drive?
I miss real mail don't you? No matter what awaits me inside my door when I come home -- if there is a personal letter in our mailbox the rest will wait.
Why don't we send more notes? Those notes and cards might become paper trails of our lives, find their way to a drawer or box and outlive us. They could be a part of that legacy we all want to leave behind.
Here are some of my tips for writing more notes:
Use your old vacation photos glued onto a cheap plain card and let the recipient see into your life. Walmart has great "Thank Yous" that are $4.00 for #50 cards. I just slap a photo over the "Thank You" and it's my personal card with an envelope to match.
I write in pencil on the back / What it is/ that I took it / and the current year.
Buy some fun stamps. It's so much easier to drop that message in the mail when you have a stash of funny or pretty stamps just begging to go out and represent you. Can we all say "I Love Lucy Stamps?"
Keep the note short and to the point. It doesn't have to be War and Peace.
Mention something specific about the other person that you miss, appreciate or are inspired by.
We never know when a note sent for no reason at all might be just the encouragement a friend needs.

Do the write thing.

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