Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Givers - Takers - and Other Lovers

I have a girlfriend on complete bed rest for the next two weeks. When we spoke this morning Shelley said, "This is really hard. People are doing so much for us and I'm not great at receiving."
Guess what? Most of us aren't. And I speak for myself here.
When the Bible says, "It is more blessed to give than to receive" I translate that to mean ,"Hey, dude if you are in the position to give something away you are the lucky one." QSV
The biggest sacrifice is not in the giving it is in the role of being a gracious receiver. Swallowing our self sufficiency and putting the sunbeam on the giver.
Jesus didn't have a job or a trust fund. He didn't have a house with a light on in the window and dinner waiting for him on the stove.
He must have said "Thank you" a lot. He must have been a pleasure to give to because the gravy train kept on rolling. He was a good receiver in spite of His heavenly connections.
I don't ever recall Him saying; "You know back in the day when I was ruler of the universe......" He just received, made the giver feel like a hero and then they listened to His words.
A big part of loving others is to catch them being good and let them be the one who shines. To lay on them the mantle of ' generous, loving, faithful, true friend'.
So how do you repay when you are the recipient?
You call as soon as you finish the meal and say, "Thanks, that was delicious."
You send a note and write, "You are so ...(whatever their gift reflected about their character). "I hope I can pass on your generous spirit the next time I know someone in need."
And if it they are a Heisman Trophy giver of service you sit down and write a letter outlining their gift, their character and what it meant to you and mail it to their mate or pastor or kids.

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