Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Fear Not"

If Jesus knocked on your door and you answered it I imagine His first words to be something along the lines of; "Fear not." I come to this conclusion because all through the Bible when one of the trinity appears people's vital signs go through the roof and God the Father, Jesus or the Holy Ghost usually utter these comforting words. It is the holy version of "I come to you in peace" or "I'm with the government and I'm here to help." Only they are always telling the truth.
Fear is a very effective way to manipulate the masses. Love is loooooooooooong range and personally costly.
I'm not feeling the love from the radio whiners but I'm feeling the pulse of fear they are stirring up.
We become who we listen to and I'm giving more air time to the Trio who start out with "Fear not."

“Evil shrieks loudly while goodness clothes the world in silence”
Wafa Sultan, in her new anti radical-Islam book, A God Who Hates
(you may read the first chapter here)

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  1. I read the chapter from the book you recommended and found it very interesting. What a brave womoan! I think it's important to understand the Islamic religion so we as Christians can "answer anythng." Thank you for sharing!