Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beach House Decor

Welcome to the Beach!

When we moved here from Philadelphia I realized I needed a place to display all of our folk art and general fun objects de art. The beach house was the perfect place. The comment we get most often in the guest book from renters is that they loved the happy ornamentation.

Got tarter?
Where the grand kids sleep....
and this border with it's shine in the dark stars is the last thing they see before they drift to sleep.

My girlfriend gave this to me and made me promise to never wear a bathing suit with a rainbow or chocolate chip cookies on my bosoms. Good plan.

The rule of the house.

He's the big Daddy of my rooster collection.

This lamp says; "Won't you be my chum?"

Life's too short to take it too seriously! Life's a beach.

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