Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saving The World -- One Kid At A Time

Spoke to Annie this morning and she said that I had left her a message while I was out to lunch with my girlfriends. She confessed that as a mother of four in the "showtime" of her life she finds comfort in knowing someday she'll do lunch too.
I found this poem in my files and it brought back all of those old scents and sights and feelings of being a young mother.

Thanks Anyhow Lord

by Nell Abbott

I wanted to comfort the war torn world and you gave me a child's skinned knee.

I wanted to speak wisdom and you gave me Peter Rabbit.
I wanted to be a peacemaker and you made me a den mother.
I wanted a glorious purpose and you gave me the PTA.
I wanted help the afflicted and you sent me a pregnant cat.
I wanted to hand out loaves and fishes and you gave me Girl Scout cookies to sell.
I wanted a brilliant mind for you and you gave me a merry heart.
I wanted to rise up and be called blessed and you gave me ripped jeans and laughter.
Lord I'd like a proper, shinning tomorrow, but thanks anyhow for this love-smudged today.

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