Monday, September 28, 2009

The Best Light in the World

Last night the sunset and fountains from our deck put on quite a show.
I happened to be out there working on my Bible study and this week’s topic was light.
Jesus was called the Light of the World. God calls us out of darkness into light. We are to let God’s light shine through our lives……

I'll never forget traveling to Mammoth Cave as a young girl . Growing up in Kentucky we were pretty darn proud of that cave. As if we had something to do with it.

Deep in the cave the tour guide flipped a switch in order for us to experience total darkness. It was disorienting and a little scary.

The contrast of light to darkness really came home to me that day.
A few years ago I read a wonderful article in House and Garden magazine where people tried to describe
“The Best Light in the World”
What about you? Is there a “moment of transient light” ( a sunrise or sunset) that has lingered in your memory?

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