Friday, September 18, 2009

We Can't Keep Meeting This Way III-- The final word

Tired of sending minutes to meetings that no one reads? Insert a funny cartoon, a good recipe, or an inspirational nugget. The hook will bring them in and while they are staring at the document they more than likely will read the dang minutes.

How about those folks who drone on and on to organize their thoughts because they didn't prepare for the meeting? Let it be known that only those attendees who have a written report will be allowed to speak up. Harsh? Yep but your overall attendance will improve when the group knows the meeting will be well run and concise. Want to know how to spell RESPECT (Thanks Aretha)? T.I.M.E.

Greet your attendees with a "WELCOME" outside of the meeting location with sidewalk chalk. Someone in your group is artistic and will embrace this task. They will also embrace the glowing remarks about their work of art! Sets a fun and anticipatory tone to what otherwise may be an all business gathering.

Well, I hope you can try at least one of these. See you at the water cooler.

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